Personálna agentúra Humanffy

We are here almost 15 years

Since 2005 we have been helping to international clients to develop their business in Central and Eastern Europe.

Now we are pleased to introduce our new Humanffy brand to you. In Humanffy we focus on recruiting activities for our clients. According to their specific needs, we provide solutions to find suitable employees for their branches, manufacturing and logistics facilities.

Pomáha klientom rozvíjať svoje podnikanie v strednej a východnej Európe

Pomáha klientom rozvíjať svoje podnikanie v strednej a východnej Európe

Personálna agentúra Humanffy sa zameriava na náborové aktivity pre našich klientov

Podľa konkrétnych potrieb zamestnávateľa poskytujeme riešenie pri hľadaní vhodných pracovníkov

We know our region

Our recruitment agency specializes in recruitment and HR consulting for the health care, gastronomy, services and manufacturing industries.

The aim is to find suitable employees for long-term working relationships from a culturally close environment with acceptable wage claims. We mainly focus on Ukraine and Moldova, as well as other Central European countries.

Turnkey services

We will recruit your staff according to your specifications, arrange interviews with them, make selections and fine-tune all details. We will also provide all necessary administrative details.

Our client obtains the key of the required employee exactly according to his requirements.

Our specialists

Our agency performs interviews and evaluates them in their native language. The selection is made by specialists whose native language is the country where the recruitment takes place. We will also test the language and communication skills of applicants in the language required by the future employer.

Unlike international agencies, where the whole process of selection and communication is done in a foreign language, we can assess the suitability of a candidate so far.